Mea Culpa

Dinnerboy is planning to breakout of the “too busy” deal and start posting again. Hang in there loyal readers. I have lots to cover from Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco.



Picking up the Pieces and Goulash

I’ve simply been too busy to write about Dinnerboy’s meals the last two weeks. But here I am, with time and re-engaged.

Tonight, Amy whipped together goulash from a “dry jar” meal swap at her MOPS group. What a cool idea! Deconstruct the meal down to basic parts in a jar – macaroni, seasonings etc. Add ground beef and tomatoes and your done. Think Hamburger Helper but with personality.

Taco Bell

Dinner at 9:15 tonight. 4 Taco Supremes delivered courtesy of Amy on her way home from work.

The sight was too ugly for a photo.

5-8 Club take out

I’ve never been too thrilled with 5-8 Club take out. The burgers get too wet and mushy as do the fries.

I needed an alternative. So I went with 12 buffalo wings and an unholy creation called extreme jo-jos. Steak fries covered in chili, cheese, and jalepenos.



We were invited over to Ryan and Melody’s house,  our friends and neighbors, for Saturday night dinner.

We feasted on a delightful Italian dish and topped it off with a chocolate cake. And lots of wine.

Thanks Ryan and Melody!

Red Lobster

How could I forget my camera when dining at Red Slobster?

Amy and I took the kids for some 5pm sharp dinner action. I had my usual, sirloin and Walt’s combo. I swear, Walt’s combo is my favorite shrimp preparation of all-time.

And here’s a shout out to the staff at the Bloomington, MN (Southtown) for consistency, service, and care!

Crock Pot Roast

Tender fall-apart beef roast, potatoes, and carrots. Hot, hearty, and ready for dinner.

thanks Amy!


Franksville is one of my favorite Chicago restaurants. Located at Harlem and Addison, close to my in-laws, it’s a must visit when we’re in Chicago.

This Sunday night I gobbled up a fat gyros sandwich and cheese fries. mmm.

Puerto Rican Feast – Cafe 787 Chicago

We celebrated my In-law’s 40th wedding anniversary tonight. We partied Puerto Rico style to commemorate Pat and Frank’s honeymoon (way back when). These are very special people to Dinnerboy – congrats and all the best to you guys!

Our hosts, Jenny and Charlie, procured the best tasting PR food in Chicago from Cafe787.  Jenny was kind enough to guide me through the menu.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we enjoyed:

Lechon (roast pork), covered in chicharron!

Bistec Encebollado- marinate steak and onions

Arroz con Gandules

tostones con ajo

Do these pictures make you drool? Don’t be shy, share with Dinnerboy!

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant – Chicago

Ah, Maria’s. Friends, if you’re in need of a restaurant to have your last supper at, let me offer Maria’s for your consideration.

The walls are covered in Aztec murals. The mariachi strum their guitars table-side. The margaritas are scratch made with legitimate amounts of Grand Marnier and Cuervo Gold. Authenticity oozes from this establishment, inconveniently located at Armitage and Harlem in Chicago.

Check out my Enchiladas with mole. You know you want it.

I need a cold shower.