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Red Lobster

How could I forget my camera when dining at Red Slobster?

Amy and I took the kids for some 5pm sharp dinner action. I had my usual, sirloin and Walt’s combo. I swear, Walt’s combo is my favorite shrimp preparation of all-time.

And here’s a shout out to the staff at the Bloomington, MN (Southtown) for consistency, service, and care!


Puerto Rican Feast – Cafe 787 Chicago

We celebrated my In-law’s 40th wedding anniversary tonight. We partied Puerto Rico style to commemorate Pat and Frank’s honeymoon (way back when). These are very special people to Dinnerboy – congrats and all the best to you guys!

Our hosts, Jenny and Charlie, procured the best tasting PR food in Chicago from Cafe787.  Jenny was kind enough to guide me through the menu.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we enjoyed:

Lechon (roast pork), covered in chicharron!

Bistec Encebollado- marinate steak and onions

Arroz con Gandules

tostones con ajo

Do these pictures make you drool? Don’t be shy, share with Dinnerboy!

Fajitas part 2

Quick turnaround for dinner tonight since Amy had to work. I decided to hold off eating dinner until she got home from work at 8:15. We fired up round 2 of the fajitas. Delicious again.

Oh, and we had some PBRs too.

T-bones and Malbec

Picture of native T-bones dressed with oil and seasoning.

On this Saturday night, Amy and I fired up the grill and put some North Dakotan T-bones to the test. They turned out beautifully, complete with Chicago steak seasoning from Penzey’s. Amy built a fantastic blue cheese salad too.

I bought this 2007 Malbec at Chicago Lake Liquors for $7.99. The little sign said Owner’s recommendation, as good as more expensive Malbec. So I gave it a try tonight. Pretty solid for Malbec, not too inky or dry. I would buy it again.

Disney Vacation Wednesday September 3rd

One of our favorite venues within WDW is the World Showcase at Epcot. The Canadian pavilion in the World Showcase is home to one of the toughest reservations in the “World.” Le Cellier is the only true steakhouse on the property, and with a tiny dining room it’s a tough ticket to get.

We had tried to secure reservations during our last two visits but had no success. Somehow, this time was different – we got in.

The steak, another NY strip, was sublime. My daughter though, a little less so. She was tired from the hot day and didn’t hesitate to share her displeasure. Nonetheless, we enjoyed a most excellent meal at one of the finest parlors in the Kingdom.

Dinnerboy Disney Vacation – Tuesday 9/2

We arrived at our Walt Disney World Orlando hotel, the Wilderness Lodge, late in the afternoon. We were very impressed with the Lodge’s timelessness and charm. A true hotel, we found it easy to navigate and its amenities within arm’s reach. The Wilderness Lodge has my full endorsement for location, charm, and comfort.

Our Disney vacation included a rendezvous with my parents. Together we participated in the Disney Dining Plan – a form of all-inclusive package that came free with our vacation package. The DDP provides one table service and one quick service meal option per day, regardless of price. It’s one of our favorite parts of the Disney vacation experience – complete freedom of choice without a tab!

After we checked out our room, we marched off to the Magic Kingdom for dinner and fun. We stumbled upon Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, on the right side of Main Street. Tony’s surprised. I enjoyed a substantial NY strip steak.

Outback Tonight

Pardon the poor photo quality, but I’m, on the road and without a reliable camera. The cell phone camera must work- even at only a basic level. I’m in Cedar Rapids for the next 2 nights, then onto New England.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant in Burlington, VT?

Tonight, I joined some colleagues for dinner at Outback Steakhouse. I ordered a NY strip which was appropriately seered and cooked. It wasa fun time as I got to know folks a little better. We even discussed the Dinnerboy blog concept.

I’m categorizing this dinner as Road Warrior. An I’m currently watching my White4 Sox roll-up on the Mariners.

I also got an idea to write a weekly summary of what I eat. Do you think this is a good idea? If so, leave a comment.

First Week in the Books

Dinnerboy is proud to have made it one week. Maltz says that it takes 21 days to change human behavior. I’m only a third of the way there, so keep me on task.

Sunday dinner featured the sweet sounds of Chet Baker, Tony Bennett, and more kind North Dakota beef. Grilled bone in rib-eye, accompanied by a tasty summer corn and tomato salad. Amy dreamed up the corn salad – what a great job.

We enjoyed a 2006 Chianti. It stood up to the beef and drank well afterwards.

Sunday dinner is my favorite.

Back in the High Life again…

Ah, Sunday dinner. An absolute lock for MEAT. Tonight we enjoyed some of our North Dakota beef stash, massive sirloin on the bone. Amy cranked up some stuffed tomatoes too. Orzo rounded out the dish.

All washed down with High Life.