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Dinnerboy Greatest Hits – Hodad’s Ocean Beach, CA

Sometimes dinner for me is a repeat of previous Dinnerboy writings. Tonight, I enjoyed the chicken patty express. See this post for more flavor.

On nights like these, I’ll turn back the clock to some of my more memorable meals of all-time. One such, occurred on a beautiful afternoon in April of 2008.

Amy and I watched an episode of Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” on a Friday night before I was head out to San Diego for business. Guy had stopped into Hodad’s in Ocean Beach and celebrated the “double bacon cheeseburger basket.” Take a look for yourself below:

I borrowed this photo from Google Images, since my own pic looked crappy.

I stumbled into Hodad’s for lunch and instantly enjoyed the surfer punk rock over the speakers. I ordered a  double cheeseburger, which was absolutely remarkable in its girth and weight. A generous “patty” of chopped bacon graced the burger somewhere in the mid-section. Unaware of the wrapper’s importance, I mounted the burger with fury, only to see it disintegrate in my hands.

I asked a dude at Hodad’s “how the heck do you eat these things?”

He replied, “awe dude, you need to keep the wrapper on for support. You’ll just have to come back tomorrow and try it again.”

Hilarious. Maybe next year.


Disney Vacation – Finale

Amy and I debated for hours about the best use of our last two meals on the property. At last we agreed to two of our traditional haunts – Liberty Tree Tavern and the German Biergarten.

Liberty Tree is located in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. It has a tiny facade which could be easily overlooked when passing by. By contrast, the food within is not small in stature, but hearty and well balanced. I opted for the grilled chicken salad with pecans and apples. Another delight.

The Biergarten at Epcot Germany is a traditional meal for us. We feasted on the authentic buffet, drank massive German beers, then settled in to listen to the band and watched our kids dance to the polka. The schnitzel at the Biergarten is outstanding. So too is the spatzle.

Disney Vacation – Saturday Sept 6th

My parents left on Saturday morning, meaning we were man-to-man with the kiddos. Nothing to fear. We headed back to Epcot, but this time for lunch at the Seas pavilion restaurant, Coral Reef.

If you ever find yourself at Epcot, try to eat here. I feasted on a blackened catfish filet. Super fresh and beautifully seasoned. Great venue for the kiddos too.

Disney Vacation – Around the World

Back at the World Showcase on Friday night – sans kiddos. Amy and I walked around the lagoon and sampled some goodies from Mexico, China, and Morocco.

Mexico – nachos

China – potstickers, egg rolls

Morocco -shawarma platter

We also drank worldly beers from Norway, Germany, tasted wine at Italy and sake from Japan. By the end of the night, we were gassed.

Disney Vacation – Thursday September 4th

We spent the entire day at the Magic Kingdom. Tired and wanting to hold off on table service, we decided to dine at Pecos Bill’s Cafe in Frontierland.

The double cheeseburger was less than inspiring and the fries even less so. Thank goodness there was a McDonald’s fry stand right outside. Saved again.

Lunch was more fun. Winnie the Pooh and friends joined us for a buffet.

Disney Vacation Wednesday September 3rd

One of our favorite venues within WDW is the World Showcase at Epcot. The Canadian pavilion in the World Showcase is home to one of the toughest reservations in the “World.” Le Cellier is the only true steakhouse on the property, and with a tiny dining room it’s a tough ticket to get.

We had tried to secure reservations during our last two visits but had no success. Somehow, this time was different – we got in.

The steak, another NY strip, was sublime. My daughter though, a little less so. She was tired from the hot day and didn’t hesitate to share her displeasure. Nonetheless, we enjoyed a most excellent meal at one of the finest parlors in the Kingdom.

Dinnerboy Disney Vacation – Tuesday 9/2

We arrived at our Walt Disney World Orlando hotel, the Wilderness Lodge, late in the afternoon. We were very impressed with the Lodge’s timelessness and charm. A true hotel, we found it easy to navigate and its amenities within arm’s reach. The Wilderness Lodge has my full endorsement for location, charm, and comfort.

Our Disney vacation included a rendezvous with my parents. Together we participated in the Disney Dining Plan – a form of all-inclusive package that came free with our vacation package. The DDP provides one table service and one quick service meal option per day, regardless of price. It’s one of our favorite parts of the Disney vacation experience – complete freedom of choice without a tab!

After we checked out our room, we marched off to the Magic Kingdom for dinner and fun. We stumbled upon Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, on the right side of Main Street. Tony’s surprised. I enjoyed a substantial NY strip steak.

September Morn

Welcome Dinnerboy readers. I’ve officially made it through my first month of writing – and I’m proud of it. Daily blogging is a challenge, but one that I’m willing to countenance each day.

I’m taking tonight off as we prepare for our vacation to Walt Disney World, Orlando. I look forward to briefing you about my dinner decisions from the theme parks and share some of the magic with you. We’ll be dining with characters, around the world at Epcot and at some of the hotels.

I’ll try my best to keep up to date with posts, but no promises.

Have you been to Disney? If so, where do you like to eat? Share your thoughts with Dinnerboy.

I’m looking forward to trying some new Epcot restaurants like China, Japan, or UK.