I am absolutely thrilled to write about Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. I have spent years searching for the optimal balance between quality and value in the beer category. I tried just about every brand, domestic, global, micro and macro. I declare Pabst Blue Ribbon as the best taste-value offering in the category.

Used to be that a guy could buy a respectable case of beer for under $15.00. Try to find Miller Lite (water) or Budweiser (only on tap) for under $18.00 these days! Almost impossible.

I worked the taste end of the spectrum first and then backed down into the value side of the equation. Sure there are great tasting beers from Red Hook, Stella, Smithwick’s, etc. But they’re easily $12.00 plus per 12 pack. That’s not value.

I demand quantity from my beer purchases. It just doesn’t last long. Under $15.00 is my value per case threshold. The category narrows here. Think Old Style, High Life, and less. Can you believe Schlitz is now +$12?

This is where PBR thrives. I thought I was “on the edge” 3 years ago delcaring PBR a fine taste offering, but then PBR won the 2006 Gold Medal in the American Beer Festival. I felt vindicated.

I proudly use PBR as my house beer. You’re all welcome over anytime for a cold one.

By the way, we had a delicious citrus-lime marinated pork chop dinner tonight. Awesome again Amy!


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  1. Jen on

    Your brother-in-law would be so proud!

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